The US Census Bureau reports that Colorado’s population grew by about 600,000 people between 2010 and 2017. Most of our transportation infrastructure is from the 1950’s, with few updates. While light rail and the bus system help, there is no substitute for a solid network of adequate roads. The General Assembly’s Transportation Infrastructure Funding bill, SB18-001, is a reasonable start to addressing this critical issue in our state, but policymakers – at all levels – need to work together to find innovative solutions using the most recent technology.


The power of a parent’s influence on a child’s education and life, cannot be overstated. I believe parents are the best decision-makers for their child’s education. This means I support all forms of choice — from choice within neighborhood public schools to public charter schools. Classroom teachers are a vital part of our public education system and should be fairly compensated for their skills and outcomes. I believe in high-quality school initiatives that focus on individual student improvement.

Health Care

Individuals should have control over their health care options, including choosing a physician and the type of coverage they want. This is a particularly big issue for small business and individual policy holders. The current system is not only very costly, it is confusing to most users. There needs to be greater transparency and accountability within the health care system in order to ensure a quality product for consumers.

Mental Health and Substance Use

There is an increase in the need to target root problems rather than putting a bandage on problematic mental health issues. I have worked with Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Jefferson & Gilpin Counties and seen the high personal and social cost of substance use. CASA is an organization that recruits and trains volunteers to advocate for children in dependency and neglect cases. Improving mental health issues requires community and family education and commitment in order to achieve life-changing difference.

Energy Independence

The energy industry is an important part of our state’s economy and future. The industry has changed dramatically from the oil wells we saw in the 1970’s. With new technology and research, the impact on our state has pivoted in a new direction. I support all options that would improve our energy independence, while preserving the environment we hold dear here in Colorado.

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