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It won’t be long until the next legislative session is in full swing.  Despite  the very vocal concerns of constituents, this last session boasted its unbridled overreach. Claims to bipartisanship on many bills (based on a single vote crossing over from the opposite side) are foolery.  Governor Polis has promised that this next session will be filled with even greater “accomplishments.” Our rights as parents, business owners, and taxpayers are being tested and eroded.  It is hard to watch, and we cannot sit idly by. I implore everyone to make your voices heard.

State mandated school curriculum now ignores our constitution and the power which is invested in the Board of Education. Decisions about students should involve local control. Parent input is no longer the valued norm. Sex Education should involve parents and families, not special interest groups. School choice has been important to our community and charter schools have controlled their curriculum up until now.  Local control and choice gives our community value. This allows us to be individuals, a core value for Colorado.

The popular vote is another constitutional overreach.  At the very least, a change like this should require a vote of the citizens involved. Instead, Democratic legislators have chosen to push their agenda without regard for the balance of the community. A truly bipartisan citizen initiative has put this on the ballot in 2020.

The Red Flag Law holds no regard for our fundamental belief that individuals are innocent until proven guilty.  This legislation leaves law abiding citizens vulnerable.  This goes against the grain of our entire legal system.  We need to take a more assertive stance on providing better mental health care rather than opening up opportunities where anger and revenge target our family and friends. Why not look at lengthening mandatory hold time to start?

Are we being represented or are we being overrun? I am running for HD27 in 2020. I hope I can count on your support.

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